Ideas For Fresh WOW Classic Servers

Here are some great ideas.

You are going to have to make a big effort on a new wow classic server for me to come back… This includes high level flying mounts, and better graphics… Its been about 6 months since I’ve played… And also don’t cap the levels to level 60.

Keep the levelling system active until level 99 and without introducing a new expansion… Keep the wow classic server as it is.

What I’m saying is this, Don’t make big alterations in the classic server, You could simply introduce new areas instead of altering the classic areas… This would be why you succeeded at classic servers, because you did not change the already existent areas.

In wow classic TBC, you succeeded because you introduced new areas, instead of altering the areas from the pervious servers.

If you want to be successful, don’t alter the areas of any servers, you could add new areas, but don’t change the areas from the previous servers. Don’t Alter any pre existent areas from the previous map, simply introduce new areas… Don’t destroy the areas like you did in Cataclysm.

Level 100 Classic, High Level Access to flying mounts, and better graphics. Oh and players can choose whether they want to activate flying mounts, but they have to complete a series of quests and achievements to get flying mounts. This also means you have to complete quests and achievements in order to activate the final levelling system to reach level 100. Make it hard to complete level 100.

And yes, make sure you create the achievement options.

We want access to Glyphs, Guild Banks also, and Transmogrify… And some of the professions available in classic like they were available in retail expansions, this includes the ability to create enchantments on parchments to sell in the AH etc.


One more thing that might be successful. You created Garrisons, and other players in your Guild can access the Guild Garrison. Guild Garrisons, And all members of the Guild Garrisons need to do things in order to unlock the Guild Garrisons.

All players within the Guild have to achieve things and do quests in order to have access to the Garrisons features. This means if the Garrison is fully set up 100%. Players need to reach achievements before they can access those Guild Garrison features, even if other players have completed those achievements.

The players that have not completed those quests and achievement do not get access to all the features in one go. Also, you can unlock all the features and buildings in the Guild Garrisons, But the Guild have a voting system to decide what buildings they want in their Garrison, Unless you would prefer to give access and space to build all the features and buildings.

Thank You. From Richard.S

yes i knew about that