Immortal: other bugs and issues

  • Lack of sharing items and progress between characters of the same account… I thought we have been through this type of stuff… Just don’t do this, stop. Not only the player is forced to go through all the content, again (e.g., campaign, paragon, challenge rifts, shadow, etc…) you can’t even share gear and gems… It is insulting. You cannot regress from D3. Respect players time.

  • Multiple characters. Login in does not show the character selection. It logs-in the last character you played. Log-out is hidden in the options.

  • Why reforge have a chance to give exactly the same attribute?! It is called reforge…. It shouldn’t provide the exact same one!

  • Bug. Screen stays “shadowed/grayed” and the player needs to leave the game and enter again to be able to play/reset.

  • Challenge Rifts, elder rifts, and other timed and progress events. Should always show a counter, even when the left-mission-tracker is closed. With a time and progress. e.g., 15%, 5 mins.

  • Navigating. Teleport should not be cancelled with damage

  • Attacks through walls. There are minions that can attack through walls, specifically the enemies/thief that throw a timing bomb. The opposite cannot occur, players cannot attack those minions. In challenge rifts, glass cannon builds suffer from this unexpected behaviour.

  • Auction House: Implement the ability to place a buying order. This is common practice.

  • You have serious performance issues when the player stacks to many minions on the same spot. Similar to the same problem of Diablo 3 that crashed servers.

  • Weekly Battle Point Cap Reached. O_o!! Remove it…

  • 1 to 5 stars on Legendary gems! O_o!! Make it possible to upgrade all Legendary gems, in both rank and stars! It doesn’t make sense to twist the knife even further… Or remove the stars completely.

  • No way to remove captions/subtitles that occupy a significant portion of the monitor.

  • Red screen on low life. Remove it! It strains the eye unnecessarily.

  • Lack of arenas: the game is so unbalanced, that you did not have the courage to implement one of the most basic features…

  • Servers… I thought we were done with this! Why have servers at all? Why prevent people from playing with friends? I don’t get it… No one wins anything with this system! It is a bad design. There is also a bug that does not show the existing characters on each server, and you cannot filter/arrange by characters. The only reason for this, is so that you can have a ton a lakes and each lake has a whale so he/she can feel the biggest in he environment, shameful.

  • Unable to skip story/lore with alts… I thought we were done with this too… Diablo 3 allows you to skip it, what changed? Same with farming everything…again…with any character (like paragon). Why? This isn’t a single-player game, right?

  • Simple/grand charm. Why? what is this? what is the purpose of having something, with other class stats, when I can’t trade anything between them? who came up with this idea?

  • Blacksmith upgrade of item. In what world do you live, that you thought it was “ok” to upgrade the item instead of the slot?! Who would “prefer” to use an item with less stats? This is ridiculous… Clearly a trap to change items, salvage the upgraded item, and lose materials!! This is an insult…

  • Extra currency (hilts) can be obtain through shadow faction… It doesn’t make sense that adventurers don’t have a similar way to obtain them. If this is the case, what is the point in “choosing” if you want to be a shadow? Just make it an integrate part of the campaign. There is no choice as it is now… sights… single-player story in a multiplayer game.

  • Adventurer: bounties. why cap at 8 per day? Diablo 3 had no cap… The rewards also don’t make sense. The (rare) item vendor has never given me a legendary item, so gold is kindda useless. At least, give a normal gem… Cause maybe some people doesn’t like to do hidden instances and dungeons with 4 people.

  • Adventurer: Side quests. Again, hard cap at 3, don’t know why… The refresh doesn’t make sense either, since you can spend all refreshes and not get the same zone as the bounties. Elite quests you give 1 quest at beginning, and then the second is only available at paragon 30? O_o Why even show it there? The artificial limitations, make no sense…

  • There are to many summoned minions, especially in PvP. I suggest turning those spells into summoning only 1 minion. A stronger one. Not necessarily bigger, cause the paths/roads are too small. The resolution is already tiny, models/assets that are to big should be avoided!

  • The summoned minions follow the enemy to far. I suggest a change. Minions should only attack, follow and move as far as the screen can show.

  • There are still some summoned minions that have no transparency and have weird colours. e.g., the summoned minion of the barbarian, can be blue and yellow.

  • There is to much visual noise in the screen. To many spells, lights, summoned minions, etc… Where the most common thing that kills me, is a stray arrow/spell from a grey minion/sniper (in challenge rifts)…

  • Stairs and ramps: the attacks are swallowed. They are not coded properly, cause the attacks only go forward.

  • Demon Hunter (DH): Explosive arrow Ultimate. It is not working properly! some of the attacks pass through the enemies; sometimes it is hitting the ground even when there are no obstacles on the way; The attack speed of the ultimate is lower than the normal attacks (unsure if it is intended, but doesn’t make a lot of sense, cause in single target it does less damage).

  • DH: daring swing. in PvP, slow affects this skill. so the animation takes longer to finish, making you more vulnerable, and defeating the purposes of being an evasive skill. It is also not working properly in specific cases near corners, doors, stairs and ramps. The skill simply turns into a jump into the air, instead of landing on the expected location.

  • DH: Knockback shot sometimes does not pushback enemies, or stun when hit a wall. My guess, some rare and normal minions during certain animations are not affected by it. I don’t think this is by design.

  • Campaign/story/levelling. I no longer enjoy most of the game stories… I skip it. For me, resources are better spent in end-game content. Talking about end-game…

  • Why only one raid boss? And why does your only encounter has issues?: during the fight some of the attacks and spells aren’t even rendered (like the rock to take cover)?

  • Why are bounties so limited? In both number of bounties available per day and the actual variety in the open-world? It is very limited. In the first week of gameplay, I probably seen every side quest.

  • Rifts and Challenge Rifts. Too limited… Downgraded version of D3. It is actually a joke :\ and they don’t give you any progress…

  • World bosses. hit-and-spank, all of them. Nothing new. Actually, the orange NPCs and hidden levels are the only things in the open world that are worth it… Because they can drop legendary, gems and NPCs don’t de-spawn! BUT, the world is not good enough to just wonder-around in look for these things… So why have an open-world in the first-place?


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