Installation to SD card

Using Galaxy A7 and try to install Diablo Immortal. I run my games from my Sd card which has plenty of room. The installer will not install there, how do I get past this ,please ?

Thank you kindly for any help that you can provide :pray: :slight_smile:

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: yes I would like a solution for this as well as I have the
same problem, and I have found apps on the playstore that will move apps and
games to the sd card for you but that does not help because you still first have
to install the app or game to the phones memory which does not have
enough space (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime) but I do have enough space
on the sd card, and the reason that I am trying to play it on the phone is
because I am still having a problem trying to get the game to launce on the
computer battlenet app, click on play and it just takes me back to the battlenet
app but my other games on the battlenet app work perfectly??? so yes please
any advise :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: and thanks in advance.

Same, even if you move it to SD card. The game will not let you update, showing no room. but the SD has 50 GB free, Playing also from an Samsung a7

Let it update to internal. There’s no way to update on external because not all files from the game can be put on your SD card per app. After the update, hold your finger down on the Diablo Immortal app and click “app info”. Scroll down to storage and click it. You’ll see where it says “storage used”. Click “change” and switch it to external storage. You probably knew that, since you moved it in the first place. Hope this helped :v:t4:

Well thanks but no that does not help at all as I have explained before to do
any of that you still first have to install it to the phone’s memory which does
not have enough space?? so how does one make it install directly to the sd card?

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