Invisible email pending

Hi, our guild decided to transfer from Golemagg (1% aliance) via FREE transfer to Morgrain. Me and one of my friends are still stucked on Golemagg with pending invisible email (mailbox is free but cant transfer becouse it sais otherwise). We have been waiting for 48hours if there are any “quest” mails on its way, but nothing changes. Tickets are opened, but we are worrid that the free transfer will be closed before we can make it. Is there a chance for helping hand? I saw some GM on US handling this via forum topic.

Characters (me and my friends account) with invisible email: Fatfak - Golemagg / Obluda - Golemagg

Thank you in advance for any answer, best regards


This is the wrong forum for WoW (Retail or Classic) issues.

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games – Starcraft: Broodwar, Diablo II (2000) and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

World of Warcraft (Europe) has its own separate forums… here:

Please use the appropriate category for all matters relating to WoW.

Hopefully, someone over there can provide some help.

Best of luck in your games !

Thank you, I will rise that question over there than.