iOs: Not enough space, but it actually IS enough

Trying to download Westmarch, which weights about 2240Mb. I have 9Gb free disc space on my iphone 7Plus 32Gb, but it keeps saying that 1400Mb more needed…I’ve already deleted all the stuff I didn’t need, but the problem still doest go away :((


Did you find a solution? Got the same issue.


Same issue here. Cannot even play now just will not download.

Supposedly you will need a total of about 12gb free to be able to download everything. So it might not be downloading because its not detecting 12gig total free space

You do indeed need enough space for all the additional content, so having roughly 12GB of free space available, would be the solution here.

Problem solved. Thanks!!!

Then why does the Apple I store say the game is only 3.5G? Alternatively, why can’t we just download some modules- why does all 12G have to be free to download something that is only a few 100M? This is very disappointing. Blizzard please fix this.


I’ve upgraded my iCloud space and still says not enough space, I have 50g free I don’t understand?

Before downloading the game I had 14g left of storage. I dled the game. I now have 9g left. But cannot dl westmarch. Says I need 1000mb. How’s this possible?

Dresiaron I have 9.5 GB available and it still doesn’t want to work for me. Any advice?

I’ve got 5gig free but can’t download a 250MB area. So buggy. Can’t play as I can’t leave the first area :frowning:

Please fix it. I have 10 go in my IPad and can’t download any addition file in the game!!!

How to play if I can’t download update in game for 2gb.
I have 10 gb free space.

Why 12? I want only 2-3 updates. I have 10 gb free space!