Keep the idiots out

People if you see those idiots with their propaganda crap please flag them as troll or spam so we can keep the forum clear of that crap.
thanks players

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Shouldn’t we do the same with people throwing insults? If you think that something is inappropriate, please flag it without violating the rules yourself!


how do i do this, pls let me know in a screen shot

The Flag on the individual posts is how we report/flag posts for moderator attention

This should open another window that allows you to choose a reason and then click ‘flag post’

You will need to copy and paste the links into your browser or right click and open as I do not have the trust level to post links/images here.

I didn’t actually flag you to make the screenshots, just opened the menu options. In case you were worried :slight_smile:

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Preview of the screenshots provided by @Puny above:

Cheers !

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it wont let me update the game

why is it dog crap

yes you are right I have and have received a number of bans 3 months was the longest
so know if I can help someone or complain about the platform then that’s my line,
you would have to go a long way back but when it comes to Rus then a potato is a potato
and a lot of them will be fertilising the potato for 1 mans ego

They block races and by ruining the stats !