Let us Buy through Steam and Link Battle.net

Dear Activision/Blizzard

Let Gamers buy through Steam and connect our Battle.net accounts to Steam like Uplay, EA Origin etc does.

Much simply


It’s the second time, my team mates and I got disconnected of a DMZ match because of “Steam updates”. We cannot even rejoin the game. It’s frustrating. =/

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TRUE !!! it’s completely unacceptable to buy a game like this (for those who bought it) and have these kinds of situations. at least as mentioned there, since we take disconnect, at least implement something like (reconnect) to at least not have the loss of all acquired “loot” and certain missions that “extraction” is necessary. like KaptainHel say “Its FRUSTRATING” hell yah brother KaptainHel

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Third time this happened already: https:// ibb .co/YbNzR6M

I think @SleepyBear meant the whole gong show with account registration etc.