Lo's Focused Gaze Gem Doesnt exist?

Hello everyone. I dont know if im right about what im going to say but will say it anyway.
On the Barbarian Build 2 appears the name “Lo’s Focused Gaze” but as far as i can check i never seen that gem in the Auction House nor the Gem’s Crafter. For some reason when i googled it and ticketed it i got the same response [go to the craft trainer with enough materials to craft it and the recipe is there]. Well… It’s Not! Well talked with a few people in game thinking it was only me but nobody knew about this gem. Well Google knows about it, Gm’s know about it so i can only guess the gem is NOT IN GAME.

Ive found a few things online but even though some are as recent as june 4th i think its a gem that,along with one called frozen heart, got removed from the game for whatever reason. Which is sad cuz they both have incredibly good base affects and stats. The recipe that i found on one site though says you need 16 ati, and 3 each of two other varieties of runes. I forget the ones they said but thats unlike any recipe ive ever seen. So either they removed them or there are recipes that are “secret”