Modern Warfare Crash to Desktop

I don’t usually post to forums as the solution is usually found within google searching, but I’ve tried pretty much everything anyone has suggested to stop this game crashing to desktop but I’m pretty confident it’s an issue with the game itself and there’s nothing I can do to fix it so any advice you offer there’s probably 99.9% chance I’ve already tried it.

I’ve just returned to playing this game and it was working fine until i updated a few days ago. I did manage to play last night for like 7 hours but it took about 5 hours of crashing to get to a stable point.

Id like this solved asap if not id prefer a refund because this is a joke.

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Same here it crashes with following error

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I have same problem with COD BO Cold war. Idk what to do.

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I have the same isseus with cold war.
i can’t get in the game. everytime i get the error and the game will tell me i need to ga back to desktopscreen. i can’t even play the singleplayer does anyone have this problem also ?

Last couple of day´s MW warzone will crash midgame. Like at least every other round.
The image freezes and the game crashes after a couple of seconds.

Please contact Activision Support if you’re having crashes with the game itself.