Modern Warfare - New Update Not Available

When I access the game I get the following message: ‘New update available please update the game via the launcher call of duty’.
In the launcher no update is availabe and the game is up to date.

Nothing happens when restarting the launcher or restarting pc.
Please advise.

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Same issue here, have tried Scan and repair, and restarting blizzard launcher. no luck, always get the update available message and have to quit back to desktop.

Let’s try clearing the App Cache and see if that helps you here!

  1. Press windows key + R > Type %programdata% > Click OK > Delete the and Blizzard Entertainment folders

  2. Press windows key + R > Type %appdata% > Click OK > Delete the folder

  3. Press windows key + R > Type %localappdata% > Click OK > Delete the and Blizzard Entertainment folders

After this don’t forget to right click and run the App as Administrator.

If the issue persists, please upload your system files to and reply with the links to the files using the preformatted text option to encapsulate the links.


Had the same problem. Folowed the instructions provided from Ixthocaesil and runed launcher as administrator. the game updated. Thankyou

i followed Ixthocaesil’s instructions, it apparently deleted core files of the blizzard launcher… then i finally reinstalled Blizzard Launcher, but now it cannot locate MW because “incorrect game version” now i have to reinstall all 212 GB of MW again… sigh…

guess no MW tonight…

Followed Ixthocaesil instructions, fixed the error thankyou :slight_smile:

You don’t even have to go through the %programdata% list, just go to the windows search bar, type battlenet, right-click it, go to more, and select run as administrator, click yes on the prompt and restart battlenet and it should start the update

following Ixthocaesil’s instructions it deleted the full game files for me and asked for a reinstall of them, restored all the files from the bin and relauched battlenet and it started the update and launched fine

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