More character slots

blizzard start selling more character slots. I only have 14 and i play both non-season and season also hardcore.
Characters i learned to play are barb, wizard, monk, and demon hunter so i havent play witch doc or crusader that much next season i was planing to make crusader but i need to start deleting my characters coz i runing out of room =(

so pls start selling tcharacter slots


Buy the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Deluxe Editon… you’ll get 3 more character slots, as well as some cosmetics for Diablo III and StarCraft II and a pet for WoW. See for details.

You could also rebirth some of your non-season heroes in seasonal heroes – don’t forget to save their equipment (including that of the follower) in the stash before or within 30 days of the rebirth.

Other players may have other ideas that you could consider… you should probably post on the Diablo III forums (this forum is for providing feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App, not individual games) :

Best of luck in your games !