More improved covenant swapping

I love being able to freely change between covenants, night fae had gotten stale for me after collecting everything and I’m now finding out that the other covenants were only underrated for my classes because no one was giving them a shot and I’m finding/exploring new exciting ways and challanges to get to the top of the DPS meter which doesn’t sound like much but has kept me playing after being so tempted to leave wow until 9.2.

On my main I’m nearly at 80 Reknown with all covenants and I’m enjoying the grind for all the mounts and transmog I couldn’t get before.

However, I would really appreciate the below issues being resolved so that the switching experience was as painless as possible, especially when raiding as I’m having to flex between specs and alts at the moment and I hate using up breaks for this:

  1. Conduits should change automatically for your spec. The spec specific ones don’t even need to be an option when playing other specs. We have no conduit energy now which is amazing and soulbinds change when you change spec, which is great. But that makes it seem strange when conduits don’t? So even though we’ve had these QTL changes, I’m still having to travel back to my sanctum to switch, especially when multiple specs use the same soulbind. I feel this is going to be happening even more in 9.2 with the double legendaries. Conduits changing alongside soulbinds when switching specs would be a big QTL change for me and save me so much time just doing what feels like class admin.

  2. Can we have a set covenent for different specs so when we activate a spec, the covenent, soulbind and conduits change to what it needs to be? Changing covenants between activities, boss pulls, dungeons or w.e still means I need to go to Oribos, then my sanctum if the conduits are wrong and then I need to head all the way back to the raid if there’s no Lock. It just seems like a big waste of time, and I could just ignore it and play the same thing over and over, but thats not engaging me anymore and I want to try everything, explore the different options, theorycraft, etc. Espcially during this downtime while waiting for the next patch. I’m having a lot of fun playing around with these options and would love right now for it to be more convenient. When we change spec, could we please have a way to set covenents for each spec? Or have an easier way to change that doesn’t mean going to Oribos, like using an item similar to the Tome of Insight? Or with a toy? Or having it work just like soulbinds?

I feel these changes are a really niche issue that will still be niche but more prevalent in the next patch. But if they were made to work this way, I think a lot more people would embrace the variety shadowlands has to offer and much like me when changing spec, will see that other covenants have a lot to offer and sometimes more than your labelled ‘bis’ covenent. E.g. My BIS has been night fae all patch, and I believe the only reason it remains bis is because it’s the most convenient for all specs and activities. But since mixing it up, I’m finding Necrolord is pumping out more single target dps for the raid, Venthry and it’s Legendary are great for AoE in mythics and Kyrians abilities are just mechanically so fun and open up new play styles/builds. Night Fae is still BiS if your doing all content and don’t want to have to keep switching, but if it was this easy, I think people would switch things up more and start playing what they want more and with double legenderies coming out next year, this is going to become an issue for a lot more players that seems to be easily resolved.