MW installing 130gb update

When I launched blizzard(dot)net desktop app, MW started an update but its size is really large. Around130gb. My game is installed and takes up 216gb of my disk. Please help I can only download 2mb per second.

It is happening to me too.

Yeah happened to me too today , and after some time it just said something like “cant repair warzone while its updating or something” and a errorcode , which i googled , but none of the steps that the tech support gave me helped

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I have the same problem has anyone a solution?

Надоело уже ! Постоянные проблемы с закачкой обновы и такие гигантские, у меня хард не резиновый!((((
Tired of it already! Constant problems with downloading updates and such gigantic, my hard is not rubber! ((((

i have the same problem with very low download speed cant go more than 2 mb … while in other app my download speed goes beyond +20 mb download speed. hope for a solution soon :frowning:

mmmmm stuck on 62% wtf is going on i do have a 1tb line way is it like this every time thy do an update way is it ???

if this help,s go to you down load on blizzard and go to down load speed click on PRE-RELEASE DOWNLOADS AND CHEACK IF IT AT A 100KB/S IF NOT CHANG IT TO 100 HOPE THAT HELPS

I also could not believe that he wants to download 132 gb. I tried to scan and fix the game and now nothing works I’m stuck in the loop and can’t load the update.

Yep mine started out as a 5gb update, cool as my connection is rubbish, its since turned into a 130gb update. Gonna take days and honestly this game is taking up all my hard drive space now

Same first 5gb than got a window and start launcher new and than 132gb now I must download full game new or waiting if problem fixed :frowning:

uninstall the game and redownload the game.

anyone know why 130gb update??? its a bullshit

Same here almost done with warzone now my cold war is stuck in a scan repair loop wtf???

First…My folder are about 232 gb big, bit to much. I delete the folder and got the game new from my friend with 104GB now it worked without new download.