MW Warzone crashes/freezes while in launch video (airport)

I’ve just installed CoD Warzone today and after I’ve launched the game for the first time and finished with the registeration and setup the game launches a video of an airport.

I can watch for a few minutes (but can’t skip the video) and the suddenly the screen turn black/blue with the mouse centered (can move) and a chat window in the lower-right corner of the screen. The movie seems to continue because I can hear the charecthers talk.

I’ve tried a full reinstallation, running in compatabillity mode, updating drivers and it always seems to crash the same way.
Perhaps it has something to do with a “shader pack” installation which pops on launch?


Dude me here too no reply frm activision yet…
Tried everything but its still freezing for me…
hop ethey fix it in th next update!!

still same here ,as of 26/03/2020

my problem is that after 4-5 minutes the connection to the server is simply disconnected and nothing good i do not understand why i have tried everything but nothing got better: BLZBNTBGS000003f8