MW2 Hardcore mode no bs bullets galore to kill

Hi all,

I keep playen and am sick off haven the first hits and then still need to put in extra bullets before the kill . Even throwen semtex on players thus not all ways kill… Its stupid…
Its a game ok, compared to the old game that was way more real in killing.
We aint fighting of zombie’s .
Cut the bs and bring back hardcore mode.
I can see on most streams thay have problems with it .
On a headshot there is no standing back up and running off …

Thanks for reading .

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?rely what this y amaaaan

more reality less fantasy is what we need from a good fps

Why the hell would you be playing MW2 if you’re after realistic? There’s other games that try to provide that, MW2 isn’t one of them

I’m not playing mw2 and will not purchase any game that is hacked and full of cheats