MW2 the finish of review

"If you’re a casual gamer, you’re going to have a miserable experience playing Modern Warfare 2. For those that can only play a few games a week, being punished by the SBMM engine makes for a heart-breaking session, pointlessly pitting players against cracked competitors the moment they do well. As usual, the community contributes towards the game in an overwhelmingly negative way, and in the short time that I’ve played, I’ve witnessed countless occurrences of the typical toxicity present in modern Call of Duty multiplayer titles.

For players that are easily riled by an irritating platform, Modern Warfare 2 is not worth buying. At the moment, it’s a camp-fest of a title, with every player seemingly hell-bent on boosting to complete ‘camo challenges’, jamming themselves into dark corners to land that last back-shot or to secure those final mounted kills. There’s a much more severe skill curve present in gaming these days, and it seems that everyone jumping on Modern Warfare 2 is desperately seeking world domination.

As the title of this MW2 multiplayer reveal suggests, the platform is, for the most part, unintelligent, unreliable, and unwanted. There may come a time when all the bugs are patched out, but at the moment, it’s a relatively broken platform plagued by countless issues. There’s a total lack of any clan mechanics (again), the perk system feels unintuitive and detrimental to a simple experience, animations can be somewhat skewed, and there’s just not enough meat on the bones of the game to warrant the full cost right now."
The truth is out there.