My account got banned for life time!

on monday, february 5
my friend in my battlenet list.
He asked me for help to trade-transfer his gold
Transfer from his own account a Realm to another realm in same battle account
And he needed help to transfer his own gold to his own battlenet account and requested me
In a period of less than 3 minutes, his traded to me 310k gold from the characters that he had in a Realm and I returned it to the character of the same account in another realm Realm

You should have received an email notifying you about the ban and how to appeal. I am going to presume this is about World of Warcraft. You can’t discuss bans on the forums but WoW does have it’s own forums. This one is for feedback about the battle net app (the launcher)

The article also includes a link if you wish to appeal.

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Please note that discussing account penalties on the Forums is against the Forum code of Conduct.

Should you wish to appeal an account penalty, please follow the instructions available in the relevant support article.