My feedback (crashing, resolution, dialogue, BlizzardBrowser, "AvailableLocked", notifications, download, disconnects, Canceled, Unl ock ed Pat h of Blo --- od, Crash)

Game keeps randomly crashing, no rhyme or reason why. (60 FPS, 32ms ping, then BAM it goes poof…)
Suggested article only has instructions for Android and iPhone, and it is “out of date” (disclaimer says so, at the top).

Launcher opens halfway off-screen even though it is correctly sized (so it WOULD fit.)
My resolution is below min spec, 720p. WIN+arrowkeys or going full screen with alt+enter fixes it.

Returning to the ferryman has three paragraphs of unvoiced dialogue, going by WAY TOO FAST and cannot be repeated (something about adventurer being worried about his safety?)

When trying to submit any bug report: “Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this site. Please upgrade your browser to view rich content, log in and reply.”
Even though is YOUR OWN BUNDLED BlizzardBrowser.exe damn it…
Which also opens half off-screen. And mouse cursor frequently goes completely invisible!

The mysterious patron in Westmarch is “Currently not AvailableLocked” [SIC]

Big annoying “Clans unlocked” arrow pointing at Adventurer button in menu but it says progress to unlock. (“Opening the way” bounty required.) Never goes away…

I can still see other players’ spell effects and hear combat sounds even though I’m watching a CUTSCENE and am supposed to be phased.

NPCs respawn and start hitting me while I’m trying to listen to dialogue. Voice actors speak painfully slowly and take long pauses. Obviously translation amends, but timing is way off.

Sometimes a single click skips two dialogue boxes. And there is no way to replay a cutscene…

I haven’t found a way to mute the constantly spammed “friend online” notification sounds. It’s super annoying with hundreds of friends. Ping! Ping! Ping!

0.0% download constantly on my screen, even though when clicked on, everything says “completed”. Also I cannot claim the reward.

Frequent disconnects interrupt my game, even though I’m playing 100% single player style.

Stupidest error message: “3ICE is You’ve already accepted 24 bounties today. and cannot accept bounty:…” when sharing bounties.

STOP SPAMMING “Navigation Canceled” on my screen every second!!!

I hate how a summon or party invite can kick you from watching cutscenes. And you can not replay the cutscene!

Every time a cutscene ends, my character starts moving away for no reason. As if left mouse button was being held down.
In fact my character follows my cursor. Forever. (Or until I spam click to stop it…)

“You cannot talk while in combat.” Such BS; a single low level enemy spawns on top of me, begins wailing on my 1000+ rating shield doing measly 1-2 damage and yet you deign to cancel my cutscene!? Think! Why would you do this? Let me read and listen to the story in peace! Either don’t spawn enemies while I’m busy talking to NPCs or make me invulnerable/invisible while in a cutscene. And don’t even get me started on my character actually dying to NPCs while I’m busy watching a cutscene also suffering from annoying bouts of “red flashing screen” syndrome while I ever so slowly lose health.

I think it’s exceedingly stupid to have to click three extra times before I can get in the game. 1: Launcher “Play” button. 2: Game “Tap to play” area. 3: Character selection “Enter World” button. Is there a command line argument like -skipthebullsitandjustgetmeingamealready? Thanks.

Shadow tutorial is awful.
Path of Blood; I’ve had to endure 20 loading screens to all but skip past the first 10 easy floors. Why must I exit and reenter the same zone every time, only for 4-5 monsters to spawn and get one shot by my weakest attack? Oh and then all of a sudden floor 11 is almost impossibly difficult. Terrible pacing!
It all started with this nonsense broken tooltip (very tall, almost no width, overflows its box at the bottom):


Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju… Path of Blood is more than ju…

If my rating is 650 and the enemies are rated 1, 2, 5, or 10, why doesn’t the game let me skip them? Spare me the time waste.

Crash when joining a clan:

DiabloImmortal.exe - Alkalmazáshiba

A 0x00007FF67DD65FCC címen található utasítás a 0x0000000000000000 memóriacímre hivatkozott. A memóriaterületen nem végezhető el a következő művelet: read.
A program befejezéséhez kattintson az OK gombra.


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