Mysterious Scrolls

Mysterious Scrolls not dropping have been farming 4 days have leveled up 5 paragon started at par115 am now 120 and only been farming shassar and still no drop it is also a daily task requirement that can not be completed.

update: am now par122 still no drop one day left for side quest and cannot complete adv. path as the scroll still has not dropped have killed over 4000 monsters in the last 2 days

Noticed the same since it was added to the Quests. Used to get them daily but not seen one since the quest added.

Hi, if you got the quest in the past and did NOT complete it, it will bug out.
I SOLVED like this, follow this order, that’s how worked for me:
-get a friend to pick the scroll,
-party up with him,
-them open the scroll
all should work now.

Hello. So i’ve been having the same problem the last 4 days…

Same problem, and I need for finished the event.