New Desktop App - Separate Friends List?

Has anyone found an option to separate the friends list like the 1.31.0 version?

If this isn’t here then that’s a bit weird, and personally, inconvenient.


Having the same issue with yesterday updated new design. I just want to see my friends and don’t waste double of the size of friendslist with a “start game” button…

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This. So much.

It’s like they have created a mobile ‘touch’ optimised GUI for a desktop app.

Change it back to how it was. Steam-like if you will, or like most other decent IM type clients.

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Give us the the option of using old client or give the option to separate the friendlist again plz.

I want my friendlist back!

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An option of using the old client is very good :purple_heart: Totally agree.

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Came here for this reason as well, separate the friends list again. There’s enough gui bloat as it is…

I don’t understand why they remove that feature. This whole new launcher app looks reallly ugly.I don’t get it why they change it from old one to this crap. Give us option to switch to old one…

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Yeah, id like the old one back aswell. Or atleast let us detach the friendslist and give us the old chatstyle back.