New hack to other players?

let me explain

so if i play with dps , Shoot 3 times straight , the 4th shot goes nowhere
i checked it with hanzo in training , standing still , hitting the orange hitbox , 4th shot goes other way , also in COD …

its a new hack I think , i dont like that , i play the game for fun /competive , its not fair to the players who wanna make fun of it
can u solve or check it , cause thats not the way to play pfft

thx anyway

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cods gone a way i never exspected vanguard has become a holiday for the noobs who cant play and think cod is now aiming at the camp noobs coz all the map seems exspected to play that way also the perks best perks to get around most this problem are now all on the same crappie perk wow taken all the fun out off cod because the snow flakes can cope