New Update in Kbps again

Hey so it seems that u really dont care at all or at least the last time when another member of the community posted here a feedback regarding the last update downloading in kbps u didnt say or do anything ! Its happening again with the new update.31.66 GB to download and downloading with 151kbps.Last time ever in my life when i will buy something from your company,and if cod will ever have anything to do with you i ll stop buying it.Its impossible how many ppl are playing this game and u still cant fix your servers.Anyway im done with you,u will never see a cent from me anymore.


Same thing here. I guess we all have that issue, even changing regions doesn’t help.

Gotta fight through.


HI Guys, YOu can get great download speeds,

  1. Connect to a VPN in the USA (i use PIA VPN but any free VPN will do the same)
  2. Change the regions to Americas, then unpause or start download.
  3. When finished change back to europe and disconenct from VPN, play safe

absolute joke! kbps ! like wtf, would take a month to download


This is just insane!!! By the time I have downloaded 30GB there will probably be a new update out. I’m getting 142 kb/s and I have a 1000mb/s connection!


See my above post curently getting 5.44 MB/s which is just below my normal fibre speed in one hour 16 GB of the 31 GB download done! PIA 2 months free, cyber ghost 60 days free of NordVPN, Your Welcome or you can carry on getting nothing from the servers and whinge a lot more :slight_smile:


wouldn’t know where to start lol

Baz we appreciate your tips but that should have never happened since blizzard its a major company and since we buy something from them,they should be able to provide full support of the games they sell on the their platform with stable servers etc.

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HI Kalash, couldn’t agree with you more and am fed up of telling them so, they are a complete and utter joke! but this gets round the problem for now, till they block this or do something equally as bad, suppose its our own fault for buying the game, but I will not purchase anything from them again! Hope you get back in the game soon, stay safe

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Thankfully just finished downloading! goofd luck see you in game

Same here bro,i agree with you.Stay safe as well,see you in game !

thanks for the tip baz, half way through download now

Hahahaha, what a piece of shT, it is so laggy in game it is funny, what a complete waste of time!!! Its hard to believe in the 21st Century that Wan**s like this still exist, they must hire school kids to programme this?

we in south Africa are also mad about servers fix it or give our money back

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same hehe , its just a drag every single update ffs

same shit,different day now at 22,47kbs.
worthless service,worthless company,worthless devs not taking care of the problem.
maybe best new company name.
“Worthless” stealing your money is our game…

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wow…thx baz just got the vpn and its flying on 7mb download speed hehe

Thanx Baz, working now with 5 Mbit


Blizzard won´t buy new servers until games reach 99$ price. money money money. quack quack quack.