Only Half Screen

Hi here I have added a screenshot to show the problem I am having as you can see in the picture I can only see half of the screen because the game window is pushed up into the top left corner of the screen and I cant see the buttons that I need to click on in the game and all that stuff and I have tried changing my resolution but that does not work, cool thanks in advance for any help.

I have not recieved any reply about this but I have been lucky enough to fix this on my own. I will explain how I fixed it just in case anyone else is having this problem.

In Windows whenever there is any window open if you push alt + spacebar at the same time it will bring up a little menu in the top left corner of that window even if the top left of the window is offscreen Windows forces it so you can still see the little menu then I scroll down with the arrow keys and highlight the button that says (Move) and push enter then it allows me to move the window around using the arrow keys on the keyboard once the window is where you want it to be just push enter :grin: then I could see what I needed to see to be able to start a game even though it was still in windowed mode but I am playing in fullscreen mode now I think there is an option in the menu that switches it to fullscreen for you or when you load a game it goes fullscreen on its own, so cool that’s it ( Alt + Spacebar ) cool I hope this helps someone.

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