Option to Hide The Warning Sign and Mini Map!

Hello, Blizzard. Please come with an option that we can make mini map and the warning sign (the one on bottom of screen telling us that the mobs have higher CR then us. I really don’t care about it) unclickable, interactable or somehow to have the option to hide them. It is annoying when I miss click them (playing on pc) and it opens a very big window on my screen and unable to attack or move anymore. Especially in Challenge rifts.


Same on mobile or tablet pls

Same issue. Opening map in the middle of combat is a sure way to die. The CR button is smaller than it used to be. But still in the way.

Agreed! Missclicking is a big issue on stuff while in combat. Even worse in boss fights! On pc the curser is so hard to keep track of!

Yeah its sad when you have in middle we just not need to know that .
When you change from hell II to hell III you can read recomend cr so that why not need in zone to see

i dont think you people understand its a feature intended to distract you and make you die as well as a completly lazy conversion to pc, and lets not forget about the mouse cursor
being so small you lose track of it all the time, and the using skills bug that disables your attacks or interactions until you use another skill to fix it.

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