Party finder has users and parties from OTHER SERVERS

Dear Support,

This is an issue I’ve reported in the past but I will mention it again as there has been no resolution.

While playing on server Thorned Hulk the party finder will show parties from other servers that I cannot join. This is very inconvenient as I have to check each party to ensure they’re on my server when applying. If you click on the user and try to apply to party it will say they are not on this server.

Dani (PoisonWidow)

Because servers are empty…

How can the servers be empty? bots with Russian nicks? bots with Russian nicknames that everyone complains about?

once got invite to raid from other server from no idea haw the other user got me nik he spamed me whit it head to block him and raport proly som troll pls blokc invite to raid from other servers

Been happening for weeks now on Prime Evils server as well. Never at party’s from the actual server on listed, always from other servers. Only way to see parties for same server is in clan chat, which are limited due to only clan members seeing them or starting them!

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