Pc + xbox items Diablo IV

I have the ULTIMATE EDITION on PC, and if I get the STANDARD EDITION for my xbox will all the item there come in the ULTIMATE EDITION over to STANDARD EDITION on my xbox as well any one know ?


That’s a good question and one that I have seen asked, but not answered, on the D3 forums that I follow… but I do not know the answer to that question.

I checked the Customer Support site, but there doesn’t seem to be any way for someone to get that type of information.

Have you checked all the Diablo IV blogs or the Diablo IV home page ? Yes, it is a lot of stuff to go through but, sometimes, looking for information is faster than asking for it.

Another suggestion would be to post either on the Diablo Twitter page or on the Diablo IV forums (preferably the ones in NA since the Community Managers reply there… to some extent).

This forum here is to provide feedback and suggestions on the Battle.Net Desktop App; it is monitored by Blizzard (so it’s possible that a Forum Support Agent may provide you with an answer), but it is unlikely that the staff collecting feedback on Diablo IV would come here.

Good luck with this… I hope you can get an answer to that question.

I would appreciate it if you would come back here and add to this topic… if and when you get an official answer to your question.

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