Petition to change Verification Code options

I am writing this to petition BLIZZARD into changing how users can receive verification codes should they need to update their account details. My request is for users to have the option to designate where the code is sent to, in case one option is not possible so another is needed to make changes.

At present the system in place is to send the code to a phone. This does not help in the long run, because if the number is cancelled by the user’s provider, the code will still be required and still be sent to the old number, should the user get a new one. Even if you need to remove the number, this is still the situation you get.

My request is that Blizzard provides other options for the code - I prefer to be able to opt for either it being sent to one’s phone or to their E-mail address for the account. Having only the phone option can be limiting, frustrating, and downright problematic.

Please respond to this topic, if possible, if you support this idea. Let’s make a difference to improving things when they have issues that haven’t been looked at properly…