Play button not active

Play button is not active and when I hover on it, it says : “This game cannot be played yet”
Is it a general issue or is it just me? I couldnt see any maintenance announcement anywhere.

We have received several reports from players with your Internet Service Provider about issues with Immortal. It might be best to get in touch with your internet service provider about this issue.

Having same thing since this morning. Isnt ISP.

P.S. Its client issue. Just restart client.

I from Bulgaria and i can’t connect to play. “This game cannot be played yet” in Europe region.

We had some Immortal Connection issues early this morning / night and you may have been affected by this.

This is due to country registered in your account. Please check your account for the country, as you are affected by this. If the country is not correct, you can find information on how to update your country here.