Pop out box that wont go away

Registered for Battleground today & before starting. I was at my Battlepass menu when i rollover one of the boxes (mystery equipment) which pop up another box upon rollover.

At the same time, upon entering battleground. The Pop up box remained there blocking half the screen while backscreen is in half tinted black. I was behind the pop up and couldn’t move or do anything. I can see other players moving and preparing for battle…

I tried unstuck but couldn’t fixed the bug. In the end, the unstuck button went grey… (unworkable). I had no choice but to try leave and log back but in the end, bought me to Westmarch with a penalty of 5 mins. So sorry to that team of players of that match.

This is the 2nd time happening… once was at dungeon (but able to move around)…
PC platform.

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