Prices and Delivery Blizzard Gear

Dear Blizzard,

A minute ago I was very close to buying the 30th anniversary mouse pad from the Gear Store, something that is just a must-have for a gamer who dedicated more than 15 years to your games. Sadly, I noticed after some research that the prices for Gaming Items are at very least 20-25% higher for EU than for U.S., not counting in that delivery from U.K. is often 1/3 of the price of the item. This feels very much looking down on EU region.
In this specific case, of the mouse pad, its 29.99USD against 35EUR plus 8.5EUR delivery costs.
It does not feel like a celebration to me at all, paying almost double of the U.S. price for the same item while paying close to same for the games all these years.
Here is an idea for a good 30th year change: make the prices same or at least cut the delivery costs. One gaming love.