Problem with device not supported

Same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Exynos, Android 12.
I downloaded all files, checked rapair fuction, cleared cache and still have the same problem with graphics.
Is just unplayable.
Now I see that on Google Play my device is not supported.
Please Blizzard can you rapair it?

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Same, mine is a Samsung S10+ SM-G975f so all the required specs are met: Android 12, Exynos 9820, Mali-G76, 8Gb RAM…and yet still getting the “Not compatible” error (From New Zealand)


Hello all:

For those on Xiaomi mobile devices… Blizzard put this post up:

Hey all,

We’re aware of issues with Xiaomi mobile devices incorrectly showing as incompatible. The devs are checking that issue out.

If you see this error message for other types of devices, please double check to ensure that you meet the system requirements and create a thread of your own with information on your device including your operating system.

cf :

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Same with Samsung Note 10 plus

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Me to same phone same country

Same here dude. Still waiting for blizzard to solve this mess.

Same here with note 10 pro.

Redmi note 10 non compatible alors que le redmi note 9 l’est …
Problème avec le snapdragon 678 ?

Same here, with Samsung S10. Device non supported and so client undownloadable, but i’m pretty sure my phone meets all the technical requirements. Any reply form Blizz?


Open a ticket and dont wait response from others…

So Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ not supported??
I could downoad it and all, but graphics are messed up. Can’t see anything, just pixels :confused:

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Who can they not have tested this on a Samsung S10-series? That is a really common phone i EU atleast

Xiaomi Mi 11 Germany not able to download/find the game in the playstore

Same here, also Samsung galaxy note 10+

Samsung S10 - Germany - Shows not supported.
Checked the Requirements and it should work but I can’t download

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Same problem here with Xiaomi 10 Pro in France.

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Redmi Note 10 Pro here as well, should be more than enough to run this game, but I’m getting the “device is not compatible” error message too.
Location is Hungary.
edit: the phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G CPU. 732 is listed in the “compatible” section, 732G is in neither, but it should be more than OK for it.

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I have Xiaomi mi 11 and i can Play …all u need GUys just download diablo immortal from apkpure and manual install

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Same problem here, Blackview a80pro Android 9 .

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Same for me i have Redmi 8a 4gb ram and 64gb storage but the game doesn’t work it says device not supported???

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