Purchase of WoW Token is Still Not Allowed in Multiple Countries for Months

Hello. As the title says, its still not allowed to buy tokens in multiple countries including my country Turkey.

I recently joined a mythic raiding guild and people there are pretty much required to craft 418 ilvl gear and buy BoE’s. Everybody just buys wow tokens to get all the gear they need. This puts me into a super unfair position since i cant do the same thing. While my guildies are getting decked out with BoE’s then grinding mythic dungeons / pushing high keys, i am here farming herbs in order afford even the basic enchants & consumables that i need and i am falling so much behind. It will take me MONTHS in order to farm hundereds of thousands of gold in to afford these items.

I understand if some people think that it is unfair and distrupting for Turkish players to buy wow tokens with regional pricing (which i suppose was reason of the ban), but at least make them available to purchase for euros. There is really no excuse for it. This is distrupting my game experience enormously and puts me into a super unfair position. Please take a look into this issue.