Queing times on servers

Well, I think this is a well known fact and I don´t think it is necessary to address this in more detail. Only thing I want to say, this is not customer friendly. I am a working adult with a family (like many others) and a queue of 190+ minutes to log into the game is just…well, not what I am paying for to be honest.

The thing is, why open free character transfer to a server to bring it beyond its capacity limits is just a thing I don´t get. People can´t play or need to use dubious meaures to stay logged in. Is this really the way Blizzard plans his releases?

Well I know that you know that I will not quit and you know that I know that you won´t change anything. This is just very frustrating and shows that even today big companies can´t plan or don´t want to plan in a correct way.

Rant over. But you should rly consider changing this like hundrets of people pointed out allready.

Edit: In addition I just noticed that the “Quit” button does not work if you are in a queue. Please fix this.

Update: As I stated above I am a working adult with a family. Despite that fact I just tried to log early today to at least be able to play in 3 hours (as of the queue of yesterday). As of this moment (18:43 UTC+1) I am nr. 12713 in the queue and it aprox. takes 416 minutes (Realm: Venoxis) to finally log in. Is this some kind of joke?

I know that Blizzard is not a company that replies to posts often. But should you by any chance do so, quit the “There is a free character transfer open to realm xy”. Your company opened free character transfer to this realm and should provide the resources for everyone on the realm to enjoy the game and not offer another transfer, because this is just a loop. Also all my RL friends, guild mates are on this server too. So, I think the picture is clear.

Have a nice day.