Question: Character conversion from today’s D2 realms (closed to „D2 Resurrected“ – Official statement?

D2 Resurrected is an amazing announcement, but also rises some important questions for “D2 veterans” still playing on the (closed realms, which I’d appreciate to be commented officially:

  1. Will we be able, to convert/play our closed characters to D2R (i.e. D2R non-ladder)?
    [Identification or unambiguous assignment to BattleTags could be achieved by using the e-mail addresses already connected to existing D2 closed accounts for password recovery purposes]

  2. If not, will the “old” continue to exist, allowing us to play our characters as usual?

  3. If not, could you pleeease find a way to provide our character save files [again, via e-mail connected to our current D2 accounts] to play them offline and open in “old D2” (or even better: in D2R)?

I’m really concerned, especially about 2. and 3., because not being able to play existing characters in D2R is one thing, but losing everything would be plain disappointing…

Please leave an official comment on this, reassuring your “real die hard D2 veterans” still playing on closed realms (spending 20 years’ blood, sweat and tears), that you didn’t forget about them.

These the “hard core” fans with the most devotion for the game, you’re making D2R for!
I know many of them and losing their progress after thousands of hours is no option (they’d rather quit), so I wanted to bring this up and hope there will be some kind of solution for them, too.
Basically, D2R (new graphics, same game mechanics, only qualitiy of life changes) is all this core community always dreamt of, but they want to play it with their chars!
So please make sure, that the release of D2R will be a great day for everyone.

Thank you,
a die hard D2 fan (closed EU, softcore non-ladder)

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Sorry but I believe it won’t happen.

Might be technical already from how they are planning to store the character and account data in the new version. (new

The other thing is that the old characters might have massive amount of duplicate items and also all kinds of bugged / hacked items. I doubt they want any of those to the new platform.

Well as i understood they are building an overlay over the old game, so should be quite possible.
I would not start fresh if i lost my gear.
Diablo 2 is that one game that is playable in its catergory, so i hope to continue that. Else i become a pure first person shooter gamer xD

And while they are at it they could boost fireskills of druid some lol.

  • Make shapechange skills uninteruptible so its more viable with teleport.
  • Boost fire dmg spells with 50 to 100% on their base dmg before syntenergies.
    Just compare blizz and fissure. Fissure sacrifice all other stats to gain 6-7k dmg with -70 enemy fire res, meanwhile blizz gets 10-17k dmg for free with -200 to -280 enemy CR.
    Fire claw is 17k dmg on a usefull build if lvl 98+, firesoso cast 24-28k dmg fireballs, still have 95% es, and its both ranged and splash dmg and cannot be blocked or countered by hitchanceformula.
  • Should also boost the physical part of volcano/moulten boulder/armageddon, the skills only tickle enemy players anyway including its fire dmg. It wont destroy pvm either as its a low pvm build as well as 90% of monsters beeing fire immune in hell.
  • The delay from fire skills towards shapechange skills should simply be removed. If i cast armaggeddon or volcano i cannot shapechange to werebear for like 15-30 seconds. With fissure we are talking 5-10 seconds delay before u can shapechange. Firestorm and moulten delays it as well.

And the bugs, prepatch items and hybrid runewords.
Those make the game fun, blizzard has removed the OP ones which they did not want.
Bug items:
Bug tal sucks, enigma is better on every char, except for bowson who uses fortitude and some even bramble.
Prepatch items:
5frw scs, valk 08, hl 08 and so on is few… People have saved them for 15-20 years. They allow some other builds that makes the game flexible, for hybrid chars and fun stuff, which still is lower than the coockie cutters like smiter and hammerdin, but still funnier to play. In my mind they should add HL 08, valk 08, 5frw scs and such back into the game, give them new name and super low drop rate.

Hybrid runewords allows more fun builds and hybrids as well, without beeing OP.
God ba = More dmg, small chance of ow, but less hit chance.
FOI = Way lower dmg, but allows hybriding to plague/bow forxample with a 2/30/2soc/adds helm instead of the regular 30/3soc helm.