Reconnecting Issues(Pc Version)

Hi, every 20 sec even less you have reconnecting thing its so unplayable


I’m having the same problem. Constant freezes that either corrects itself or disconnects me. Game is unplayable on PC. Works fine on the phone, but drains my battery like a sinkhole.

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same, reconnecting every 10 seconds,. unplayable currently.


Where are you from? maybe it can be related

Same here both on my phone and PC and I’m not from a blocked country. ‘Hungary’

I tried using mobile internet and with that it works but as soon as I use my home wired or Wi-Fi connection it kicks me out in 20-30 seconds rendering the game unplayable.

I never had this issue with any other online game before, heck I even play Diablo 3 Hardcore and yet to have a death to DC so my connection is rather stable.

All of my inet/router settings are set to default and it works perfectly with any other online game.


Same here, not sure why it reconnects every 30-60 seconds.

Same here (as MrGatto described).
I played from Hungary, too.


I have the exact same issue.
On the local network, it is not working, on mobile it does.

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Why Blizzard don’t reply on this problem? :roll_eyes:


Hey guys!

We do not see any major connection issues at the moment, so maybe I suggest some troubleshooting that you could try on your side for now?

If you are experiencing connection issues on your mobile devices, please check your device settings and your connection. In case this is happening on PC, I can suggest you our troubleshooting as well.

In the meantime, I promise you that we are monitoring the situation and if there is something wrong on our side, it will get fixed as soon as possible.

Same here,i did everything on the troubleshooting section,i play a dozen other games online,this is a problemon blizzards end.

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The problem is only in diablo immortal no other game has this effect, i already tried far beyond of fixing this issue but nothing work so its something interrupting our communication from you to us who has the problem.
I also tried to use my hotspot internet connecting it as ethernet with usb cable of the phone same thing.

Yup I also tried all of that and it did not help.
Still getting reconnected every 15-30 seconds if I use my home network connection both on PC and Mobile.
Tried Wi-Fi and direct ethernet connection to my PC.

I do play some other Mobile games and Diablo 3 on PC and they have zero connection issues,same with Lost Ark its all good there.
My inet/modem/router settings are all set to their default just like how I always used it with no problems so idk what else to do.

This is something that specifically happens with wired internet and wi-fi.

If I play on mobile using my mobile internet, it works fine, but If I use wired internet or wi-fi it starts reconnecting every 20-30 seconds. Even if I use a hotspot from my mobile it also does that, despite working fine with a 4g connection.

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i had the same problem when i first got the game, i thought it was because of all the download packs but turns out that it was my VPN. (i live in new zealand and vpn set to an nz server jist for privacy reasons).
when i turned it off, i was able to play without being reconnected every 20 seconds.
however every other game and app i have on my phone works perfectly and i would rather not have to play with it off, so please fix the issue blizz

Please inform us if you find a solution

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Same happening here, can’t play the game on pc or mobile with wired/wifi. Mobile internet works fine. The game is beyond unplayable for me. I assume it’s something that is not affecting the majority, my friends are playing the game on pc with no problem

Found a temp fix using vpn (protonvpn) didnt had a single reconnecting since using vpn


I have reinstalled the game,while it did not help i have noticed that when it downloads it gets to around 53Mb than freezes for a few secs and then restarts at 20Mb again,ive tried downloading differebt games of Battlenet after and this problem did not occur,mayb its connected somehow

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Same problem here! Reconnecting every 10-20 sec via PC and on mobile with WiFi.
On mobile with 4g works perfectly. Im from Hungary too.