Reigns of Chaos & The Frozen Throne keys

Hello there,
I pre purschased reforged and I’m wondering if’s possible to download Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne before Reforged comes out simply because I wanna play Dota again.Those 2 come with the package if I’m not mistaken.I did install them but while trying to launch it asked for cd keys…how do I get those?

Hey there Godric,

With the pre-purchase of Warcraft III Reforged, you will have access to the original games by using your Blizzard Account during the install/log in process.

Check out the steps here and see if they help :

I managed to log in via Reforged purchase.Now,the confusing part is the non existence of The Frozen Throne.If’s the same installer,why do I only have RoC installed?
Reinstalled again,with the installer of TFT,same thing.Only RoC is installed.What am I doing wrong?