Report on Diablo 4 Beta Feedback

Diablo 4 has been one of the most anticipated games in recent years. As the fourth installment in the Diablo franchise, fans have high expectations for the game. The beta version of Diablo 4 has been made available to a select group of players, and their feedback has been pouring in. In this report, we will analyze the feedback received from beta testers and highlight the major issues that they have raised.

One of the most praised aspects of the game has been its graphics. Players have been impressed with the stunning visuals and the attention to detail. However, some players have complained that the color palette is too dull, and everything looks too grey and black. This makes it difficult to distinguish between enemies and the environment.

The gameplay has been a mixed bag for players. The level scaling feature has received criticism, as players feel that it goes against the core idea of an RPG, where players should feel a sense of progression and become stronger as they level up. Some players have reported that they take more damage as they level up, making it difficult to progress through the game.

The lack of customization options has also been criticized, as players have noted that there are limited options for certain classes, such as the Druid. Additionally, some players have complained that the skill tree lacks depth and complexity.

The story has been a major disappointment for many players. The cutscenes and environment have been described as borderline goofy, and the game feels like a Disney version of gore and devils. Some players have also criticized the excessive amount of NPC dialogue, which makes the game feel like an RPG with no action.

The side quests in Diablo 4 have also been criticized for being pointless and lacking rewards. Players have reported that there is no benefit to completing side quests, as there is no loot or renown awarded for completing them.

In conclusion, the beta version of Diablo 4 has received mixed reviews from players. While the graphics have been praised, the lack of customization options, uninteresting story, and issues with gameplay have been major points of criticism. The level scaling feature has been particularly controversial, as it goes against the core idea of an RPG. The developers at Blizzard will need to address these issues before the game’s official release to ensure that it meets the high expectations of fans.


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