RIP Geforce Now , Why was it removed again?

Now there was finally something good again, but it did not last long. As if it had to happen, Blizzard/Activision doesn’t begrudge its players anything.

It was just a big surprise when I saw that wow classic in geforce now was playable, but as fast as it was there it was gone.

Blizzard/Activision do you enjoy treating your customers like this? It’s just the way it’s been since classic release, bad decisions that have been detrimental to players. First there were too few servers, then too many, then you introduced free character transfers, which caused a lot of servers to crash, and then the tip of the iceberg came and you had to pay to get back to a server where you could play reasonably.

There were many people who subscribed for Gefore Now Founders and bought a game from you to play it via Geforce Now. Sry but it’s a shame!

Geforce Now was for me once again a ray of hope for good decisions! Please bring the games back!

Bring back the Player not the Money please!

Greetings Eus


I didn’t buy or play any games of Blizzard/Activision since I’m on GFN.

I wrote them, I have been ignored.

For many reason and after so long time after the GFN beta, I would never rollback.

I’m paying for a service to launch and play my game on my ecological computer, a lot enough to play a streamed game.

That’s why I think that… now that Stadia is dead and that Blizzard and many other tried force Nvidia to apply the same rules (ref: buy again your game for GFN). I think it’s time to rollback for Blizzard/Activision/Microsoft.

Please, release on GFN and ask Square Enix at the same time to do the same with all the games on Steam or whatever we bought our games. We bought them, nvidia make only money on the service they provide. It’s not on your game, oh no, they allow pleople like me, dad’s of a family to play time to time to game that I will never again have the ability without any expensive computer that I will never buy.

It’s an opportunity for you, not a steal.