Runes not recognised at Cellik

I’ve been having an issue with Cellik (Fading Embers and Runes) for the past few weeks. It no longer recognise/see my Runes for “Blessed Pebble” and “The Abiding Curse”. The runes are visible in the backpack and at the Jeweller.

I’ve repaired the client app a couple of times, but the issue is still present.
Any recommendations?
Anyone else has this issue?

Device I’m using: iPad Pro (iPadOS 15.7.1)

I got the same. The runes for Blessed Pebble (‘LEV’) and Abiding Curse (‘DYN’) have never been sellable at Cellik to get ATI runes.
I assume these runes are so new they haven’t been put into Celliks database of recognized runes for trading. But since there are no other ways of getting rid of these runes, it’s getting really annoying.

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