S22 Ultra - Exynos 2200 - Device does not support this feature

Hey there,

I bought a Galaxy S22 Ultra a few days ago, i’m from Europe and the phone comes with the Exynos 2200 Chipset.

When entering Diablo and trying to change the Settings to 60 FPS Ultra, the “Device does not support this feature yet” message keeps popping up, i can do Medium 60 FPS or High 30 FPS.

It’s really unacceptable that you guys still didn’t implement support for this chipset even after months of older topics related to this subject.

I didnt go through the whole forum to check, but was there any statement as to when Blizzard might implement a fix for this? Or is there any workaround posted somewhere ?


Yeah its crazy that it hasn’t been updated for Exynos models yet, kinda embarassing.

Please provide Feedback on Diablo: Immortal in the Subreddit.