Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 support for Battle.Net Authenticator


I recently had a conversation with one of the “Game Masters” (better known as Blizzard Support). I had to get my old phone number removed, to which I obviously had to provide proof. On the other hand, they advised me to install Battle.Net Authenticator. I use the Google Authenticator alot, and was a bit surprised they didn’t support that at all, but when searching it up on my Fold 4, I came to a bitter surprise.

The Samsung Fold 4 is NOT SUPPORTED for the Authenticator. This surprises me alot, as a few old phones I had (which support at least Android 11) also don’t support it.

I would like to address the bigger problem here. It’s probably not only me who wants their account to be a bit safer with two-factor authentication through their mobile phone. It’s not supported by a wider array of smartphones out there. Probably the best guess is to have a iPhone.

To be really honest, alot of iPhone users also have a Mac, a platform known for not being compatible with gaming as a whole. Why is it so hard to have all Android phones to be supported with Authenticator?

If only the OW2 PvE team would be working on that now :wink: