SCII Terran code claimed, but not showing

Hello there I was going to purchase LOTV as I only have Terran and Zerg campaigns.
When I go for the purchase it correctly identifies that I have HoS, but not the WoL.
To my surprise I also found that WoL is not detected in my game account either.
Funny because I finished the campaign and have the CD Key for it.

I am not sure I want to spend £30 for the Terran Campaign again, what am I to do?


What happens if you go through the motion of purchasing the game… stopping short when you have to put in your credit card number or other means of payment. Does it offer you some sort of rebate because you already own HoS and WoL ?

Have you tried contacting Blizzard Support directly with a ticket ?
I don’t know what the best way to do that would be… perhaps Purchase Failure… here: ?

You’d want to put as much detail as you have in the “Description” box, including the CD Key for Wings of Liberty. You may also want to include a screenshot of the various options available to you for purchase on your ticket.

I hope this helps.