Screen shake cannot be disabled and it gives a HEADACHE

Using barbarian ground stomp essence screen is shaking every second. Playin’ on high levels you must use it by cooldown. After playin 10+ minutes it gives a hard headache. I already saw same topics which were closed. Please add an option to disable this type of effects in game. It is not just annoying, it makes you sick. My eyes are hurt and it makes you feel very bad (physically).


This forum is for technical support on Diablo Immortal; it is the wrong forum for feedback or suggestions. Blizzard expects you to post these on the Diablo Immortal sub-reddit (cf: ).

There are already many topics on that issue… for example, these ones:

Feel free to add your voice to those (or other) topics.

Best of luck in your games !

As Boubou already said, Feedback for Diablo: Immortal can be posted in the Sub-Reddit.

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