Searching for a match <350 ms ping

Since 2 or 3 days ago each time when i want to play trios or anything besides plunder i get that message i searched in the internet and found it is a shadow ban !!! Why the F**K i get that when i play faire and when they ban dose they review it !!! And when i join plunder they put me with Chinese and Russians for god sake and they are CHESTER’S

Hello, same issue with me. It happens on 10thmay then goes back normally on the 16th may without any information from activision. Lost 6 days playing the game.
Now today same issue, i was playing fine in the evening, take an 1 hour break and when i go back to the game, the match search get locked on <350ms, can’t find a match with my friends anymore, no battleroyale match, only plunder with empty server (30-50 players) and chinese and korean players.
I’m the only one that have this issue between all my friends. I don’t understand at all.
I’ve read somethings about shadow ban but i’m not a good player (most of my friends are better than me), no good stats, no third party softwares or vpn on my computer. I’m not cheating, just having fun with my friends…

Same here activision are sooooooo dumb i swear if a player report you even for fun u will get that WTF !!! THIS is all because its a free game

I can’t play for two days because i have the same problem. What do i need to do ?