Server Disconnect tonight 12 Jan 2021 Warzone, pc


Anyone else having server disconnects tonight? Seams to just be pc. Playing in quads my friend and I on pc keep disconnecting at random times during the match yet my other 2 friends on xbox are not having the issue and continue to play.

I had a disconnect earlier in the evening for a mini update which is normal but since then I’ve not been able to finish a game. First day back in 7 weeks and come back to dmr zone and now random crashes. Reminds me why I stopped playing.

Yes me too. Keeps on disconnecting. Yesterday as well. Also on PC.

I was playing this afternoon with no issues at all. It started after the tiny 200mb or so mini update at around 6pm UK time

Now I get a message “Servers are experiencing high volume” – Nice.

Indeed, something is wrong. Cannot play at all.

Same here over in norway. I was abit fast trying to fix the error code given. Got a suggestion to verify game files. Which now keeps putting me in a never ending loop. Cant finalize the repair all the way for some reason. Or no wonder if servers are down.

So if it has been working wait trying to fix any error codes you get until the servers are up and running again.


Trying to install update tonight and it says problem with game files and goes into scan. comes back with an error saying firewall or something is stopping connection which its not. try to update again and same problem. Sounds like I’m stuck in a similar loop to you nick.

This game is so broken I’m sick to death of it

i can get into games, longer load times and mega lag constantly and both warzone and cold war unplayable