Server transfer

Hi there, when i first made my character on Diablo immortal, Europe server, i just picked the recommended server, and went along, at paragon 150-180 i came to noticed that i have never seen anyone speak/type in English, only German, im now at paragon 259 been playing for about 4 months or so.

When i heard server transfer was about to happen, i got happy, but then i realized i could not transfer my character from the server im in to a English speaking server. My question is why did i get a German server to play on as recommend, when im from Sweden? I have been playing solo so far because most people i meet, can’t or does not type in English.

All European servers are tangled together when i create a new character, only way to be certain is if i go to local and press English, wich should of been as a tip from the start.

Any help?


I have exactly the same story, the game also chose a German server for me and didn’t warn me anywhere, now I’m level 300 but I can’t make a transfer

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Same problem, but here it choose me the spanish one… and i cant transfer to the portuguese one.


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