Shadowlands is coming, I'm in trouble and help seems REAL far


I’m unable to prepare my new main for Shadowlands in time because I still have my country as US, but now I live in Europe and want to play on EU servers. I already pre-ordered shadowlands a while ago and used my char boost for BFA char.

I opened the ticket to change country, but it shows “average ticket wait time 12 days” in-game when on my trial char…

This is crazy!

Is there a way to get help with this quicker? Submitted ID, submitted address proof! Just need someone to click a button or help me purchase the character boost, is there ANY WAY for any Blizzard staff to help me here please?



The wait time is definitely NOT 12 days, that 12 days might be the “oldest” ticket in the queue as you can reopen a ticket, so that will likely just be a bug with the display. It often happens as the queue gets longer.

Sometimes you can change the country yourself through the workflow for it here:

As for your ticket, it shouldn’t be as long as 12 days though for sure but could take up to 24-48 hours in my experience for these kinds of tickets. There shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve submitted the data you mention in your post either. :slight_smile: