Skarn too hard please nerf him

Until now I have not had problems with the bosses of the story per se but this boss is indeed too difficult in solo, the final phase of the boss fight is practically impossible and facing this boss by force alone on some classes could be a problem especially on classes like Demon Hunter (which I am playing), please is it possible to make this boss fight easier or maybe make this boss possible to face him in a group?


Totalmente de acuerdo, el mismo caso, se me está quedando complejo de manco, en cambio he visto un video de YouTube de un Necro que lo pasa al primer try…yo lo he dado por imposible, Skarn no lo tira el DHunter…

Perhaps this is a class, level or gear related issue? I barely remember the fight to be honest but I do not remember having any issues as necro and for certain I did it first try with no difficulties. I think this is a you problem.

You must be doing something wrong. Skarn was easy as Demon Hunter. Killed him first try solo.Try getting better gear or something. Demon Hunters is one of the strongest classes in immortal right now.So its not a class problem.

Agreed, I am playing a barbarian, I do get some latency issues being based in Denmark but I have cleared the rest of the content with no problems.

This boss was easy first try you must avoid getting damage that is all

have to agree
this boss is way too hard
everyone who writes “easy” is just a troll

Playing as a Wizard…this fight is terrible - i do have decent gear but still find this guy impossible to beat.
About to give up on it

As demon hunter phase where splits into multiples you don’t have enough burst to end it… Just drags it out while you take chip damage and run out of pots. Poorly designed for classes that can burst the “real” skarn down

It’s a gear check… just keep playing everything else and go back when you’re higher leveled/ better geared.