Slippery slope of devaluing player accomplishments


Just feel a need to vent here a bit.
I’m an old player, been playing for about 15 years. Throughout my time playing, I learnt a lot about how to find good farming methods, and how to persevere through the timesink that is gold earning. Doing this for atleast a thousand hours made it possible for me to buy several TCG mounts; the rare spectral tiger, magic rooster, feldrake, blazing hippogryph, and X-51 Xtreme. I know it sounds selfish, but having these now become a reward for leaving a twitch stream active in the background for 4 hours really feels disheartening. I spent a lot of time earning these ingame, and now having them become a gift without effort is sad.

If they need to be made free, atleast make it a challange OR give something to the original owners of these mounts. Making dedicated players achievments nearly valueless is NOT a good way to run a game. What is next, free glad mounts? I see little difference in spending hundreds or thousands of hours getting those vs. spending hundreds or thousands of hours getting TCG mounts.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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