Slow download speeds to mw update

so, ok, this is info on blizzards site in their own words.
Breaking News: Ongoing Slow Download Speeds
As a result of increased network demand on the internet at large, we’ve seen an impact on players’ download speeds when trying to install or update their games. We continue to monitor and adjust elements within our control to get these downloads to you as quickly as possible, while also working in a space with ever-increasing demand for bandwidth across the internet at large.

In an effort to maintain service and internet uptime for all customers, our Content Delivery Network partner is helping alleviate network traffic during peak hours. Some traffic may be deprioritized to ensure internet stability for all customers, which can result in slower download speeds for gaming downloads during high-usage times.

If you are experiencing slow download speeds, there are several troubleshooting steps we can first attempt that may resolve your issue. We always recommend checking your Network Bandwith in the App Settings, as well as these common steps for Installation and Patching issues.

If the issue persists and it’s during peak internet usage times (such as 6pm-12am in many regions globally), we recommend leaving the download running. As overall internet congestion returns to normal throughout the night, providers are allocating more bandwidth for large file downloads which will improve your download speeds.

now correct me if im wrong but you have made our download speed so slow that we have to wait days to download 20+GB of data @ 20 KBPS YES THATS KB, and the post the above saying we should reinstall the game or change this and that is simply FALSE. YOU are the ones deprioritising our download speed, so a reinstall wont do anything or any other crazy suggestion you have had is irrelevant if it is YOU who have made the download speed slow on purpose. all i have had is problems with this game, crashing to desktop with no error messages, hackers, no support from any of your platforms, you lot should be wearing balaclavas how you rob people of their money, and not even fix what is wrong with the game especially when it is something as easy as turning up our download speed so we can at least attempt to play the game we payed £60 for. you should be taken to court because if i sold something and it did not work, and ignored the people i sold it to, i would be taken to court.


Tried to make a topic did not work so I will reply it to this one,
I understand you lower the DL to prioritise the gaming experience. But for the love of all things pleasant. INCREASE IT BACK TO NORMAL OUTSIDE PEAK HOURS.

End rant, Good day good Sir.



I was getting D/L speeds of between 200k/s - 2.5 MB/s. Had to run VPN set to USA and now getting D/L of 16 MB/s


Wish next COD is back to steam, atleast there i can download…How can you just let people download for 1byte / s.


Always kinda knew NA region has priority over ours, its kinda disgusting if you ask me -,-


Which VPN do you use btw?

same :(((
ı’ve never been playing since 10 hours,please Blizzard fix it.

I want to officially give you a cookie, instead of days it will only take hours to get it back on my pc. Cheers

been downloading an hour and not even done 1mb………WTF ive got 700mbps internet

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Yep, stuck on 0-40KB/s (nordic)

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The answer is simple, Blizzard-Activision need to supply more download servers to meed the demand.

Here’s why they won’t - they’d rather save money by not buying more servers, and letting everyone who payed for the game be locked out of it for however long it takes.

Quick message to anyone who’s tempted - DO NOT reinstall the game. You’ll just have a longer wait.

I’ve managed to get a (still low) speed of 3.5 MBps by pausing it, selecting the Asia region, then unpausing and waiting a few minutes.


I started the MW update and was getting below 1 Mbps download speed via the Europe server. I swapped over to Asia and my speed went up to 30 Mbps.

Though… I stopped that download and decided, as it is now available, to start downloading and installing the new MW2 Remastered game. I’m in the UK and therefore tried the Europe server first and strangely enough was downloading at 65 Mbps.

So this is purely linked to Europe server for the MW update and not downloads in general.

MW update at speeds of less than 1 Mbps and MW2 Remastered at 65 Mbps, and both from the same region!

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This is really disgusting. I also tested this and it is true. Blizzard you really suck… BR: User from EU


This was my second attempt to download and try this game, and for the second time it stuck on the same stage. Downloading an update.
This plus fact that NA is prioritised over others region (like our money are worse??), is a reason why I stop buying any activision product for years now. I strongly advise to do the same. This is the one and only way to force them to do something.


Im from Sweden.
Without VPN: 400kb/s
NordVPN to US: 13MB/s

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bataie de joc la adresa clientilor

update !!! it has now stopped completly, was it something i said blizzard?? hahahhaha blizzard will not get a single sale from me and i hope others do the same. BUY THE GAME = YOU CANT PLAY IT !!! #BLIZZARDSUCKSMEAT

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Yeah keep monitoring and do nothing… Always the same excuses but no solution. How many times did this happen now? You people do not care


So, MW updates at max 2 MB/s. And Cuisuine Royale launcher updates at 28 MB/s at the same time. ALL other launchers, be it Steam, Epic, Origin are all working as normal. So the crap about network demand and that you should check your own internet speed is complete bu*****t! This is a Blizzard problem, nothing else. This is what, the 4th patch with the same issue? And no fix done. Really show that they care about the players forking over their money for the game. Take some responsibility and actually fix this.

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I feel stupid when I remember I paid for this